Personalised Dual Location Star Map


Make your special moments memorable, this valentine’s day.

Mark the day you first met him/her or any other special occasion close to your heart !

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What is a Star Map?

A Star Map displays the position of the stars, planets, moon & sun as seen from a specific place and time on Earth. Each Star Map is personalized with that moment.

We accurately design your Star Map with the help of NASA Astronomical Data Center Star Catalog. All Star Maps are professionally designed and printed on high resolution matte finished art paper that lasts forever. All Star Maps are shipped with premium quality acrylic frame that adds an eye-catching charm to its surroundings.

Why Gift a Star Map?

  • Give it as an anniversary gift.
  • Mark your first date or the time you proposed!
  • Mark your SO’s birthday!
  • Celebrate the birth of your child

How are Star Maps made?

The entire library of all celestial objects which includes approx 100 million stars, comets and asteroids has been logged by NASA Astronomical Data Center Star Catalog. This data comes from past and present NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements. We use this data and feed it into an analytical model of the observable universe which then uses the geographical coordinates and the date-time provided by you to chart out an accurate map of these objects.

We then beautify this map by adding graphics and plotting popular constellations to create a timeless piece of art that is ready to adorn your wall forever. You can verify the authenticity of our star maps using any open source or free app available to check live sky data.

Frame Details: 1 inch thick black wooden frame, comes ready with wall mount. Acrylic glass front & MDF back.

Paper Details: 300 gsm Artboard Paper (Matte Finished)

Size Dimensions:

Delivery Time: approx. 7-8 Days business days

Digital File (JPEG File): 1-2 Days (It will be sent via email)

Note: All text will be arranged in capital letters. Uploaded image is for preview purpose with example data. We will design your star map with your details.


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