Romantic Explosion Box


Make the love of your life feel extra special with a personalized album handcrafted by you. And it’s super easy with our gorgeous pre-made Romantic explosion box that just needs some glue and a little love.

The gift box is decorated beautifully with a center piece and unique craft on the box lid. When open, the sides fall back to reveal a large three-layered card filled with flaps, small message postcard, pull-out message tags and photo spaces.



  •  It is ideal as a birthday/surprise gift for a loved one as you can customize it with your own photos and messages, making it a very meaningful handmade gift.
  • Everything you need to create your own gift comes in the box.
  • It’s super easy! – Take the pre-made beautiful gift template out of the box. Add your photos and write in it to your heart’s content. And voila! You’ve made-it-yourself!
  • We guarantee you can make-it-yourself in just 10 minutes.
  • We require 3-4 days for delivery.